Slow Down to Grow Fast

                  Talk about an oxymoron! Slow down to grow my company fast? Are you kidding me? I realize this does seem like an off-putting idea, but in reality, it’s how the most successful companies grow. It’s not necessarily about becoming the largest, by the way, because not [...]

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Your Best Strategy: Become Known for Just One Thing

Photo by GR Stocks A successful business finds a way to be unique and distinctly different in its market. This is often easier said than done, and unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all businesses. The fastest way to build a successful business starts by answering two questions. Answering these two questions for some takes [...]

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Making Quality Strategic Decisions Smart

Photo by Mario Gogh For-profit and non-profit organizations can dramatically improve their quality decision-making by applying ‘smart quality’ filters to their strategic planning.  Is your organization caught in the “debate and wait” syndrome? If it is, there are likely patterns that need to be changed. For decades, organizations have used strategic planning as [...]

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Rethinking for What’s Next

Photo by Anne Nygard Strategy work is just that, work. Solutions rarely fall from the sky into our laps. It takes a razor-sharp focus to rethink your organization’s optimum solution that will bring it to its next level of growth.  While building a successful strategy is hard, it is also exciting. You get [...]

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Today’s Speed is Fast, But at What Sacrifice?

Photo by chuttersnap CEOs today know things move at the speed of light. They also know the faster things go, the more chance there is for mistakes and miscommunications if their organization is not well defined and aligned. Meeting goals remain paramount to every smart leader, of course. Here are some insights we have learned [...]

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Failing to plan is a great way to go out of business

You may have heard the saying, “If you fail to plan you are planning to fail.” That’s the way strategic planning should be considered. Strategic market planning is often viewed as the practice of the largest corporations. But how do you think they got to that size? It wasn’t by playing Russian roulette with their [...]

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