Adhere To Your Core Strategy Or Disappear

Strong words but true. The number one reason companies fall out of favor with their customers and employees is because they allow their culture only to benefit themselves. Today, it’s easy to spot a winning company from one losing by observing what customers and employees think of the company.  The number of “quits” this year [...]

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What Are The Three Parts of a Successful Strategy?

Designing a successful strategy is a very simple three-part construction of Who, What and Why, but it can be incredibly challenging and frustrating! For some, the three parts come together immediately, but it takes months or even years for others.  This seemingly simple process is so difficult because it forces you to bring a razor-sharp [...]

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I Couldn’t Have Done It Without You!

  I can't thank everyone enough who has contributed and participated in my success at MarketCues for the past 16 years. Clients, associates, investors, service providers, including strategic advisors, creative artisans, and a whole lot of people I’ve met in so many places such as airports, conferences, and let’s not forget webinars! Wow, has there [...]

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