Facebook celebrated its 6th birthday this year and with over 400 million users, but Digg.com has the best approval rating out of all social media sites. It’s vital that you know where your customers and prospects are spending their time online so you can show up there too.

Knowing the 3 C’s of social media will go a long way to producing your best results. Check the table below and review the definitions to determine where you are in your social media exposure and marketing.

Creators publish Web pages, write blogs, upload videos to sites like YouTube.

Critics comment on blogs and post ratings and reviews.

Collectors use Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and tag Web pages to gather information.

Joiners use social networking sites.

Spectators read blogs, watch peer-generated videos, and listen to podcasts.

Inactives are online but don’t yet participate in any form of social media.

The chart indicates readership and penetration to specific age demographics. You can track what age group is most apt to read about your product and plan your marketing from this business media intelligence.