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The 360˚ Strategy Opportunity combines your market and competitive advantage with your top strengths to effectively position your company to aggressively compete against your top market competitors.

Most clients’ market research projects are governed by the analysis of their current business model, products and how they perceive their position in the marketplace. On the face of it this sounds perfectly logical and reasonable, however, this approach is far from conclusive and risks missing a significant amount of very important information due to the myopic view it brings.

Savvy executives have discovered the wisdom and power of looking outside their current base of business and related understanding and expanding their views to include a full 360˚ Strategy Opportunity. Their 360˚ Review includes all past, present and prospective customers along with allied channel partners, industry association leaders and a host of other insightful people along with the company’s team.

Going beyond the inner workings of a company and seeking to hear what people say about the company that are not personally vested in it can produce amazing insights that change its top-line revenues and bottom-line profits.

The major impacts of this approach include the following:

  • Fine-tuning your business to your most profitable business markets and eliminating ineffective programs and expenses to non-performing markets.
  • Launching major events that will not only improve sales but also improve your company’s overall market awareness and image.
  • Developing a keen sense of what’s going to happen next by creating trending reports that rely on hard data versus gut feelings.
  • Directing your potential sales and marketing actions that will build your Team and cause a much higher degree of participation with your customers.

Using a 360˚ Strategy Opportunity allows you to create mapping that involves your entire team and customers to produce a competitive strategy playbook that can pay dividends to your company for years to come.