Companies in today’s competitive market must be aggressive in their strategic marketing and climb to the top. It’s not smart to allow a lack of focus and consistency to creep into a marketing team’s campaign. Since we live in a very transparent marketplace it’s not possible to sit on the sidelines hoping that things will come back your way. Consumers of goods and services simply have too many alternative choices, in both industrial and consumer products, and will do business with those companies that meet their needs precisely.

The 4 C’s of Brand Marketing:

If there is one thing that stops someone and makes them read, listen, view and take action the fastest, it’s a powerful creative idea that no one has ever seen before. It’s worth spending the time capturing a unique way of presenting your products and services. Don’t be like everyone else! The more different you are from the rest the more you will stand out. It’s simple logic and worth applying to your next campaign.

Everything in your marketing campaign must share the core idea and big creative thought that drives everything else. Without earnest linkage between your website, e-mailings, downloadable PDFs, white papers, case studies, etc., your campaign will not push home your primary selling points. Consistency really matters!

Regardless if you are a small company or a global corporation your communications need to be well written and clearly expressed. Talk about your ideals, your goals, your expertise and open the lines of communications between you and your target audience. Make it two-way, three-way, and network within larger groups. But always maintain no more than five main points, the number most people are able to absorb and retain.

People are motivated by the positive feedback they receive. By finding ways to show how your products and services are going to provide tangible benefits to those using them will bring value back to your brand. Finding and igniting the spirit that drives new business use is exciting. Is it easy to do? No! But it’s well worth the effort. Consider Apple’s iPad or Google’s Android phone. Nothing compares and nothing sells like them either.