Strategic Planning can provide your business with the most dramatic positive change than any other means. Many businesses have engaged MarketCues to conduct an organizational and strategic assessment as it particularly related to their organization’s strengths and weaknesses to improve its effectiveness in the marketplace. In some cases these assessments led to recommendations of how to restructure staff and resources while others defined how to dramatically improve both the internal and external communications.

We’ve found three primary benefits that businesses receive from successful strategic planning:

Benefit 1: Strategic Planning Brings an Organization Together. This first benefit of strategic planning is the most well known. A successful strategic plan can focus an organization and empower it to accomplish its greatest objectives. Is your organization experiencing rapid growth? That can create havoc for an organization without a strategic plan as it is unprepared to handle the increasing complexities of management. A strategic plan brings people and resources together.

Benefit 2: Strategic Planning Increases Teamwork. Many leaders struggle to get people their people to work together within a common vision, strategy and goals. To overcome this challenge, leaders must be able to identify and prioritize their most promising initiatives. It is essential to use a proven strategic methodology that causes your team to work in harmony on what is most important and to stop working on under-performing programs.

Benefit 3: Strategic Planning Extends Your Reach. The more your vision and core strategy gets into the places you minister the better understood they become. Solid planning puts your messaging in the most effective light and allows you to effectively communicate with those you are reaching out to and serving.

Today’s business environment is both exciting and challenging, particularly if you are interested in growing your business to its next stage of growth. Have you developed a “Core Strategy” that defines the specific strategic initiatives you need to achieve your goals? It’s one of the keys to putting your business on a faster growth curve.