The ability to get anything you want anytime you want it has created a new generational mindset: the click-through generation.

This mindset comes from the Internet’s ability to deliver any product or service with just a few clicks of the mouse.  Need an answer to a question? Search engines in just a few seconds filter through the Internet to give you the answer.  Need to buy something? Anything, from a kitchen sink to a diamond ring? can ship it to you.  Countless downloads are completed every day, from programs to movies to music.

This is instant convenience. This is what is demanded in today’s strategy-driven economy.

The printing and publishing industry did not understand this and continued to market their services along the same methodologies of quality, service, and pricing. Year after year for the past ten years printers and publishers have gone out of business using this tired paradigm. They are being replaced by either legacy printers who changed to the new dynamics or new communications services corporations who seized the opportunity to deliver what the market now wants. Instant order and delivery with continuous control over the final product.

Once the domain of those mysterious craftsmen, printing and publishing has been packaged into software applications and those smart enough to figure this out can’t keep up with their project workload.

When iTunes started to become popular there were huge numbers of technology and music experts who said they would fail. They also said this wasn’t fair to the music industry. Meanwhile Apple sold millions of tunes and has never looked back. So much for the experts. In the publishing industry the same thing has occurred. What was once the domain of traditional publishers has now become the domain of authors throughout the world.

So if you have been trying to think through your next strategic push, consider the click-through strategy. When in doubt, lean toward instant.

Customers will feel good about it and will put their money where your service is.

What they want is to be heard and followed, according to their needs, interests and wants.