What happened: Original Impressions has updated its Web site to include a stronger push of its commitment using its “DOWN TO EARTH Working & Printing Green For You” campaign. On their home page they state, ‘We are your Eco-Partner” and list some of its certifications such as FSC Certification, EPA Green Power Partner, PEFC management system compliance, and others. Specific brand marketing materials are available for download here including the certifications they have earned as well as full explanations regarding the company’s dedication to be a solid green company.

Why it matters: All markets in general, and the print media communications market in specific, are crowded. Short of starting an altogether new brand category by inventing a new product, the surest way to create a successful brand marketing program is to determine the one thing that is different about your product or company from everyone else. Some call this the differentiator. Without one, you are like everyone else in your category offering the same product everyone else offers, and that rarely is a good position to find yourself in. The “Going Green” campaign is a bandwagon that many companies have jumped onto but what makes Original Impressions unique, is they can actually prove their commitment in many different ways on many levels throughout their company.