Communications has sped everything up — exponentially. What used to take days now takes seconds. This is both good and bad for organizations.

First the good.
A prospective customer sees something on social media or a Google search that really catches his or her attention. It looks like exactly what they’re looking for. Navigating to your website they request information about one of your services and immediately receive a confirmation and thank you from your company along with additional relevant information. Their name and email is logged into your system for relevant follow-up.

One of the many options is to chat with someone immediately about their request, talk by telephone, schedule a time to talk by telephone or request a customized Webinar to review the services. How long did this take? If an organization’s electronic media is setup properly, minutes.

Now the bad.
So what could be bad about any of this? Well, many organizations are not setup to accommodate this kind of customer interactions and it costs them business!

Here are some simple steps to making sure you are both print and web ready for sales marketing today:

  • Identify the top three to five services customers want from your organization.
  • Make everything easy to find and see how things work — videos with short text work best.
  • Create a customer journey map in the logical order of your typical selling process from idea to purchase.
  • Develop a strong and interesting creative concept to present your services.
  • Make sure to use one strategy for all of your marketing including website, social media, e-marketing and print.
  • Make all e-solutions on your website lightning fast.

These simple principles will build your organization’s awareness and growth and help ward off prospects going to your competition.