I am truly blessed to work for a wide variety of clients in the broad markets of Business, Education, Nonprofit and Faith-based organizations. This allows me to encounter an amazing myriad of situations and challenges that I find particularly exciting. I love problem solving and believe there is a solution to every problem. Somewhere in the ‘90s it became politic to refer to a problem as a challenge but frankly, if you’re running an organization that is losing $1.2 MM per month you have a problem and what you are looking for is the solution to that problem! Transformational leaders are willing to address all problems regardless of what caused them.

Transformational Leaders Ask Questions

At the heart of a transformational leader is the pure desire to solve problems with major contributions with their team. They are not soloists and do not view their team for purely tactical operations and execution. Rather, transformational leaders are often brought into an organization to shift its paradigm because of their ability to see the entire organization, or puzzle if you will, from a 35,000-foot elevation. A group that is interested in heavily contributing and participating in making decisions commonly welcomes this leadership style.

As our marketplace becomes more complex and segmented it requires leadership that can see the whole picture, not just parts of it. This demands a broad leadership skill that is not easily learned and does not come naturally to many leaders. There are specific characteristics transformational leaders possess and they can be learned with practice:

  • Transformational leaders work with subordinates to identify the needed change versus telling them what needs to change
  • Transformational leaders create a vision to guide the change through inspiration
  • Transformational leaders execute the change in tandem with committed members of a group
  • Transformational leaders go beyond managing day-to-day operations and craft strategies for taking their organization to the next level of performance and success
  • Transformational leaders focus on team-building and motivating employees at the different levels within their organization to work together to accomplish change for the better.

A transformational leader has a precise idea of the goals they are trying to accomplish and is able to explain them quickly and easily to anyone, at any level in their organization. This is motivational in and of itself to team members and provides a major boost in energy and excitement to any organization; even one that has been experiencing a downward decline because people feel reassured when their leader knows where they’re going and includes them in the journey.