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It does sound somewhat counterintuitive, but often the most effective strategic plans that lead to truly high growth only need the answers to three basic questions. They can be your most effective business tools.

At first glance, it would seem a strategic plan should be somewhat complex and highly analytical, but that may not be the truth.

When you consider that plans have to be implemented and well understood, it stands to reason that the simpler they are to understand the more effective their implementation.

Here are the three questions to get your strategic plan on track.

Question 1: What is the real problem here? If you haven’t figured this out don’t bother with the rest of the plan. The answer will not come from filling out a strategic template downloaded while searching Google. Sorry, but there are no shortcuts here. Either you know the specific problem your particular business is solving or you’ll soon find yourself out of business.

Question 2: Why is our solution better than everyone else’s? Knowing why anyone will care about your idea is worth its weight in gold. Being the first selected comes from being able to do something that no one else can. Your specialty, your niche, your advantage, should all be wrapped up into why you’re solution is different and better.

Question 3: How are you going to do it? The “How-to” of a strategic plan is essential. How many great ideas never got off the ground due to the bungling of its implementation? An effective execution of an idea is equally important as its strategy.

By bringing your best solution to your customers will allow them to see your true gifts, talents and abilities. When you are solving someone else’s problem you can be at your best. Great strategic plans always begin and end with solving a customer’s problem.