There is a wide range of new communication tools available today that a company can use to interact with customers in ways that weren’t possible just 5 years ago. The QR Code above is just one such way. This coupled with an ever-increasing number of smart phones and new media channels is creating the opportunity for companies to create effective two-way communications with their customers and prospects alike.

It’s becoming commonplace in both business and consumer markets. According to Mobio Identity Systems Inc. in Vancouver, BC, Canada, during the last six months of 2010 QR code scanning increased 1,200 percent across North America.

It’s easy to begin using. A simple download of a barcode reader from your favorite application source and you’re smart phone will be ready to scan QR Codes. Below is a brochure that Creative Solutions Ink of Milford, NJ produced for one of its clients. The QR code was included on the backside of the brochure that provides additional product and related contact information.

Aleyant Systems is the provider of Pressero, a web-to-print software company that can deliver CMYK QR Codes in a high resolution EPS file format. This is useful for printers or agencies that would like to build personalization media for their clients including putting QR Codes on business cards, sell sheets, packaging, and other template print products.

Early adopters are sure to gain larger market share over those that wait on the sidelines until there is significant market momentum. The early adopters are already doing this and offering brand marketing campaign ideas to their clients. This presents a significant opportunity for your firm to respond adequately to these new market dynamics and tools. With the economy still in the trenches knowing how to couple mobile media with online and print communications can be a true source of new revenue.