When driving traffic to a webinar series it's usually far better to attract a small number of primed potential customers rather than a large group of semi-related potential customers with a direct rifle approach. Using a shotgun approach to attract a large number of companies knowing there is going to be a serious drop-off is usually a bad strategy. It creates the impression that a company is fishing for leads, not talking to its customers, and that can create 'negative equity.' Not a good thing in the short- or long-term.

So how can you avoid this unfortunate result and find those you really want. I’d suggest a rifle. Here’s a summary of this approach:

Sell the benefit, not the product/service. Determine what the “heart of your product/service offer” really is: Are you selling efficiency, trackability, new features or affordability? Choose one overriding benefit and sell the webinar with that benefit.

Create a selling proposition that’s easy to understand. How do you feel when a sales representative just keeps talking about an ocean of statements and metrics? Usually that creates a very uninteresting story, doesn’t it. Can’t wait to get him/her out of your office can you!

State your business case without being cutesy. We’re all busy so don’t waste anyone’s time and don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you’re amusing you will have more webinar attendees.

Create inducements that grow out of your product’s characteristics. If you are selling high speed color printing then offer an incentive that reinforces that point such as a useful chart that predicts the quantity range for certain types of printing projects, such as a three-fold mailer versus a six-fold mailer.

Cue:  The more you can identify with your key attendee’s needs the more “at home” the attendee will feel with you and your webinar offer and that alone demonstrates a solid reason why they should decide to spend an hour visiting with you at your upcoming Webinar.