Finch Paper has done a stand-up job making sure their new blog site is as well designed as it is written. The two keys to any successful blog website, or any brand communication for that matter. There are many benefits to taking the time and care to doing both well.

People are attracted to products and services that are enjoyable to look at. They respond positively to good organization because they can find what they are looking for easily. Great creativity attracts attention because it is unusual and has never seen before. The personality of an organization can usually be seen through the design that organization puts into the market.

Why are these benefits important? A messy website usually indicates a messy company. Who wants to do business with a company that can’t organize itself in ways that are easy for its customers to interact?

Finch understands this. Check out their brand marketing and you will see a great standard of brand strategy through brand identification. The site includes simplified messaging, easier navigation, and a new Mobile Stock Guide feature.

It’s what is expected today.