The answer to the question of what creates good design is having a good idea before you start the design process. Let’s look at two examples, one good, the other bad, and you can draw your own conclusions. First the good.

Tropicana has long held the leading position in the refrigerated fruit beverages category. The perception of a quality brand has long been theirs to leverage and this set of packaging does just that. The design presents professionally from the proprietary formal codes to their unique collar along on their elegant bottle that says we’re the leader and you know we’re the leader. Now for the bad.

This packaging came from a U.K. grocery store found posted on Flicker under scrapthispack. It’s extremely poor choices of packaging design include the ridiculous idea of serving up one banana at a time and packaging it in a plastic shrink-wrap using a non-biodegradable polystyrene. What more can I say other than not ready for prime-time?