What happened: Coca-Cola Company issued its news release this past month on its newest innovation, a bottle made from renewable, recyclable, plant-based plastic. Hmm. The new product innovation named, “PlantBottle™” is fully recyclable and has a lower reliance on a non-renewable resource. This product also reduces carbon emissions when compared to petroleum-based PET plastic bottles. The company hopes its “PlantBottle™” will build the company’s legacy of environmental ingenuity and set the course that all of its bottles will be 100 percent recyclable and renewable.

Why it matters: The Coca-Cola Company has a long history of revolutionizing the industries it markets into. Take Dasani for instance, its expertly designed water. They started with a local water supply, filtered to remove impurities, and then enhanced it with their blend of minerals for a pure, crisp, fresh taste. Their bottle design won awards and customers and is bringing them into the future with a new eco message that will last for years to come.