Why do some products and services seem to excel while others struggle and fail? Why do some take off in both their geography and throughout the marketplace, while others go out of business without achieving even a regional success?

Is it because the leaders have such better products? I don’t think so. Check out (www.marketcircle.com). This is a fully integrated software program that brings together email, contacts, organizations, projects, opportunities, tasks, notes, and a host of print reports that speed up your business. They provide a free trial period and those that use and review their product give this application high marks. Plus, it’s a relatively inexpensive program to purchase for a staff up to 50 users. The program has been around for years. Now ask yourself, have you ever heard of this product and is it on your desktop? In all likelihood the answer to these two questions is no.

Compare this to (www.linkedin.com). Although Social Media is relatively new the majority of business users know about Linkedin and a high percentage of them have posted their profile on this platform.

Why is this happening? Could you explain it to us? Are there any common denominators we can point to that is obvious to all winners, or at least many winners?

I think there is: It’s called timing.

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