What happened: Bot Water got a facelift that adds impact and awareness for the company and its brand. Companies in the packaging industry care about these kinds of updates and upgrades because it keeps them current with how other brand owners are presenting themselves. Companies outside the packaging industry should take note when a brand reinvents itself to learn what improvements were made and why.

Bot Water 

Why it matters: Brand owners can learn a lot from packagers who provide their customers with cogent design and cohesive brand marketing. The key characteristics of effective branding includes intriguing aesthetics and a strong brand marketing system. In this straight-forward reflective packaging assignment several very important brand identity principles were accomplished:

  1. Strong branding system presents color coded selection for each product of water: grape, berry, etc.
  2. Strong visual presentation of the product uses interesting ‘bot-like’ characters for each product and creates an interesting brand family
  3. Strong corporate identity consistently presented with precision uses a contemporary design style

Clearly this packaging was designed with a younger audience in mind. Who is your brand marketing system designed for and what is the primary brand signals you are using that make your brand different? Is it new looking? Interesting? Different from all others in your market? Also check out their website that keeps the brand identity system moving: http://www.botbeverages.com/.

Starbuck’s started a revolution with its Tall, Grande, and Venti sizes and even has other brand owners such as Chipotle using their system to help explain their three sandwich sizes. Either you setup a brand marketing system that is worth looking at, reading about, clicking on to find out more about, or you look like everyone else in your over-crowded market space. This usually leads to a dry and unsustainable brand and that’s never a good thing.