If you have already found yours then you probably don’t need to read this blog. But if you are more like most you are searching for the correct something, or the just right mix of something, or one aspect that is going to make the difference against all odds put you over your marketing edge.

Don’t count on one thing says Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Make a Big Difference.” As he says in the title, it’s about a grouping of a lot of little things that will make a big difference.

The problem is, which ‘small things’ should you concentrate on? Here’s my answer: ALL of them! That’s a great place to start so you can produce the most amount of brand loyalty possible. Here are some examples of little things you should be doing to create your own tipping point. Trying them out each day will eventually cause the right mix to emerge:

  • Your telephone system is easy to use so when someone calls in it doesn’t take 5 to 10 prompts to find the person they want to talk to.
  • Your website is not only interesting to look at but it’s been professionally written so the use of cliches is noticeably absent throughout your website.
  • Your marketing strategy runs throughout ALL of your marketing including the sales department, marketing department, customer service department, management staff, and that means that all of those people are saying and showing the same core concepts and beliefs.
  • Your CEO holds regularly scheduled meetings throughout your company to explain the continuing direction of your company and these primary thoughts find themselves throughout the company’s blog, social media sites such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.
  • The majority of your company’s employees understand the core mission of your company and can explain it easily to anyone who would ask.

So, the new way to create your tipping point, “Sure, I’d be happy to give you 50 examples how our company demonstrates our primary focus…I try and do them all each day!”