business future

Many business leaders are far less optimistic about the future of their business due to Covid-19 and related changes in the marketplace. Polling our clients and those in our network show that a majority of executives think that the current economic conditions will eventually improve, but it will probably take a year or more to achieve positive gains. 

One client told us, “I think we are going through one of the most difficult times in recent memory and just sustaining our business is considered a success.” Reflections of this type create a natural reaction to pump the brakes and wait until the storm passes. But we are finding this is an ill-strategy to success because it demotivates the organization and retards the one thing that is needed most: new ideas leading to new growth.

This waiting also diminishes the amount of rethinking the organization is willing to pursue.  According to our research, the majority of the companies and clients we track who are proceeding full speed ahead are also the ones that are ahead. They haven’t put anything “on hold,” preferring to rethink and outthink their strategic challenges. 

The Top 3 Constraints Businesses Face Today:

  1. Employees are reluctant to return to the office. This would have been entirely unacceptable before Covid-19, but now it’s unheard of to demand employees return to a potentially unsafe environment.
  2. Dealing with the way employees feel about vaccines, wearing masks in public and the issues centering around social distancing while maintaining productive workplaces.
  3. A mass exodus of baby boomers from the workforce coupled with the lowest birth rates in U.S. history may produce a worker-starved economy.

These types of issues are expertly and objectively answered using our Ai-Driven SmartPlan360™ software that is specifically designed for CEOs who want answers to their most pressing organizational issues. 

Once you have the results, you will be able to identify and analyze your particular situation with a much better understanding of how to make your critical business decisions. A business environmental scan will provide you in minutes with insights that you can use all year long. 

The tool you use to rethink your organizational strategy shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming. If this sounds like something you’d like to explore and if you’d like to learn more about our SmartPlan360™, set an appointment with us here or contact us here.