Great implementation begins with an even greater understanding of what your customers want. You need the right kind of data that will inform you of their needs and interests. Armed with this data you will be able to easily eliminate non-essential discussion points that only serve to confuse brand messaging and focus on the few salient points that truly matter to your potential customers.

This focused strategic implementation leads to highly improved communications and added rapport that wins new customers quickly.

To implement a successful strategy, companies need three types of lenses:

Binoculars – for current customers and markets. Many companies do not even know the true reasons their customers purchase from them. During our strategic and organizational assessment engagements, we often find that companies are unaware of their true strengths and weaknesses. Over time this can seriously impair a company’s ability to improve itself because you can only improve what you track and understand.

Telescope – for new and unexplored customers and markets. Data about growing market trends that are discovered can lead to new product innovations and approaches. Without using this lens companies often find themselves following competitors they once led, or worse, never heard of!

Microscope – for customers in micro-niche markets. Data from this lens brings with it the understanding of how to market on a highly personalized basis. Often this laser focus on a customer’s particular interests is enough to turn a prospect into a customer. There’s something amazing to a prospect that finds complete harmony with a brand that has never been explored by them. It’s like you read their mind!

So whether you are trying to add new customers from your existing markets or add new customers from new markets, convincing your customers that you fully understand them will give your strategy the forward tilt it needs to build momentum and new business for your company.