What happened: Companies are using combinations of message to market communications that deliver increased sales responses. A great example of this includes a direct sales pitch via an e-Mailing, Webinar, Corporate Sponsorship and a Prize Drawing that gives away a well-known product. Focus, Inc. is currently running a marketing campaign that brings together all of these elements in an effective push to pre-qualified leads to its sales team.

Why it matters: Sales and marketing departments work continuously to produce high quality leads for their sales team to close business. The more interested the sales prospect the more likely the sales close. Bundling multi-channel marketing solutions allows for a higher incidence of qualified leads because the ‘pitch’ can be explained in a detailed way. This either appeals to a customer prospect or it doesn’t. It works even better if the prospect receives the e-Mailing because they requested the information. As competition for prospects intensifies marketers can use this approach to increase the quality of their leads.