What happened: Computerworld magazine ran an interesting piece on “Apple’s iPad: What’s it really for?” suggesting it is designed to open new doors for Apple more than anything. Let’s look at this from a business marketing perspective. Every time Apple brings out a new product that pushes technology in new directions – like touch screens – there are usually three basic groups who react to their introductions:

  1. Mac diehards who love Apple and support everything they introduce including the failed Newton.
  2. Mac haters who are totally Windows obsessed who dispute and disagree with everything Apple introduces regardless of how versatile the product is, such as the iPhone.
  3. Consumers and businesses who judge each product on the basis of its practical relevance to their specific lives and businesses.

Why it matters: Of the three, I pay attention to number three because they’re the ones the products are designed for and they’re the ones who cast their vote with their wallets. From the printing and publishing industries perspective, one thing is for sure; the advertising, design and graphic businesses are going to like this product and are going to buy it and that’s going to open new opportunities. So look sharp and be smart. Get on the side of the debate that will help your business. How about developing some useful applications these creative customers, your customers, will  deem valuable like an App that better connects them to your business? This would position you as a leader in your market and allow you to increase your business sales. And who knows, you might be able to tap into yet another billion dollar market that Apple may ultimately create?