In a recent news release from World Color Press, Inc. the company announced its new logo and brand strategy:

The news release explained: “Our logo is the visual representation of our name and our business purpose. The stylized W connotes growth and progression and represents a webpress-like icon evoking our heritage and core competency. The name warrants multiple colors. The blue is part of our heritage and provides visual continuity. The green represents our commitment to sustainability. Finally the style of the logo is bold, demonstrating a solid foundation that is forward-looking and determined.”

Fair enough. With the recent changes in company ownership and with a new CEO it’s wise to conduct brand research to ensure the company is on solid positioning ground before it introduces a new logo and brand. As far as the logo, I think it does everything the news release claims.

My question is the follow-through strategy. Since they are number two, and RR Donnelley is number one, you would think the brand would differentiate them wouldn’t you? Judge for yourself:

We all realize there are Web site design templates that are recycled by developers, but the colors and graphics should vary greatly to make it the company’s own. Formal reviews of these two Web sites reveal the same blue, same green, same overall design, and the same claims of quality. From a strategy perspective, who would you believe? The one who seated this framework in the first place or the one that seems to be copying it?


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