Rethinking For A Change

If you’ve been looking for a consultant to help you rethink your strategy, restructure your company, or grow your revenues, you’ve come to the right place.

Rethink, Restructure, Grow

We assist our clients by stepping into complex situations and developing convincing, coherent plans of action that help them achieve their defined goals. Our clients engage us because we have decades of consulting experience helping them objectively assess their high-level business issues and strategic alliances.

We will help you take a holistic look at your specific challenges and advise how you can approach and solve them. We’re experts at organizational 360˚ and strategic evaluations that lead to stronger organizations with successful market positions and growth. We will devote ourselves entirely to your strategic situation while you continue running your busy company.

We work with a wide variety of organizations, including privately-held companies, middle-market corporations and public institutions such as higher education and nonprofits. Assisted by our SmartPlan360™ Platform, our consultants bring decades of experience that provide clients with a roadmap to their growth. 

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Mastering change is the number one requirement for leaders today. To accomplish this goal you need a tool that can quickly assess your organization’s current level of performance to determine if it is well-matched to meet your customers’ needs. This is precisely what our SmartPlan360™ software accomplishes in minutes, not weeks or months. Learn More


Rethink Workshops are designed to meet the changing needs of executive leaders and team members. The workshops deliver high-impact learning sessions using our “Growth Model” that increases teamwork and productivity. Learn More


No matter what stage of development your organization is in, there are always reasons to hire an expert coach to guide further development. Everyone wants to be effective in their jobs, no matter where they do them from, but not everyone knows how. We offer coaching programs that are designed to assess and then meet your specific needs. Learn More


MarketCues is a trusted management advisor and consultant with a time-proven track record for helping CEOs build their organization and significantly increase their revenues. We work with senior management on specific issues relative to their organization and their desired outcomes. Whether it’s strategic planning, organizational assessment and development, or leadership development, our consulting will help your team achieve immediate, high-impact, growth-driving changes. 

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