We work for a wide range of organizations, including privately-held companies, middle-market corporations, and public institutions such as higher education and nonprofits. We help them improve their performance by providing expert advice that solves their strategic problems and drives their growth.

Tom Marin is the President and Founder of MarketCues. After decades of working in the industry and seeing the issues associated with achieving organizational growth, he created a new strategic program — the SmartPlan360™ Platform that provides you with a roadmap for growth.

ReThink Book

Tom is the author of Rethink, An Inside Look at Smart Organizational Strategy that discusses the four drivers for organizational change and growth. We are often brought in by a business to advise senior management on a specific issue, evaluate a strategic alliance, or more broadly to help restructure an organization.


The name of our firm, MarketCues, is based upon our understanding that winning organizations have deep insights into their “Market” and they leverage the “Cues” of their customers’ deepest needs. With this thorough understanding, clients can leverage these insights and increase their organization’s health and growth.


We understand the challenges CEOs must overcome when faced with organizational change and growth. We help leaders and their teams successfully navigate their most difficult problems and most challenging opportunities to produce the best outcomes.

Executive Coaching


Tom MarinPresident
Tom is the President and Founder of MarketCues, a Management Consulting Firm that guides organizations through major transitions leading to increasing revenues, profits and market share. Tom is a consultant, coach and advisor to CEOs of Middle-Market organizations. He advises private, public and nonprofit clients with high-stakes strategies regarding significant reorganizations built around agility and transformation programs.

Tom is the architect of the SmartPlan360™ Platform, a software program that provides organizational assessment and development solutions for an organization’s most challenging issues. He is the author of the book, RETHINK, An Inside Look At Smart Organizational Strategy that details how to use smart strategies to build your company.

Before this, Tom was the CEO and Founder of a market research and marketing firm in Chicago which he led for 20 years and then sold to a national media corporation. His career spans four decades of consulting for different types of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500s. Tom has provided strategic leadership services for a wide variety of industry-leading organizations, including Fuji Film USA, Rand McNally, CNA Insurance Companies, First of America Bank, The University of Texas at Austin, and Conagra Brands.

He is an accredited member of the national and international chapters of the Business Marketing Association, a past Marketing Chair of its Chicago Chapter, and a Certified Business Communicator. Tom holds a Bachelor’s in Social Science and Education from Northern Illinois University.

Dr. Thomas P. O’NealSenior Associate
Dr. O’Neal is a Senior Associate of MarketCues who implements all of our products and services serving many different types of clients. He is a tenured Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems and has served as the Associate Vice President of Innovation and Commercialization at The University of Central Florida (UCF). He is the founder of the UCF Business Incubation Program (UCFBIP), Executive Director of the Florida Economic Gardening Institute (GrowFL), and the Executive Director of I-Corps at UCF, Florida’s first I-Corps site.

Dr. O’Neal’s international recognition as an expert in research, engineering, technology transfer, business incubation, and economic development has led to presentations and instructional engagements on five continents. He has presented or taught at 20 international conferences, 41 national conferences, and approximately 200 conferences.

Tom has raised over $80 million in local, state and federal funding to support entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives. His expertise has resulted in requests for consultations from government, academic and private industry leadership across international and national levels. He has been engaged by 23 international organizations and 15 national organizations.

Frederick Barber, DSL
As an advisor to MarketCues and clients, Dr. Barber brings over 25 years’ experience in strategic leadership in the corporate world, combined with Board service in non-profits and faith-based organizations. Barber served for 13 years with Meredith Corporation, an NYSE-listed media and marketing company, where he was Chief Analytics Officer. He had previously been Executive Vice President of Austin-based Conclusive Strategies, and worked in international corporate consulting with Monitor Company. He is also an adjunct professor in the MBA and MSL programs at LeTourneau University. Fred holds a doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. He has an MA from Georgetown University and a BA Magna Cum Laude from Cornell University.
Dr. Brian Miller
Dr. Brian Miller serves as Research Director at MarketCues and works with a wide variety of clients. His background includes receiving a BS in physics from MIT and his Ph.D. in physics from Duke University. He has over a decade of experience consulting for both for-profit and non-profit businesses and for governmental projects. And, he provides a diverse range of organizations and churches with direction on strategic planning, organizational development, and outreach. In addition, Dr. Miller served as Academic Dean for a church-based Christian leadership development program. Dr. Miller also travels internationally lecturing on the intersection of science, faith, and society and on apologetics. Recently, he served as the technical consultant for the book God’s Not Dead, which shaped the movie of the same.
Stephen Messner
Stephen Messner is a Senior Advisor of MarketCues with over 30 years of experience serving successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and nonprofit directors. He has worked with the top executives of organizations to help them define their personal and corporate goals, develop and implement plans to achieve them, and improve their profitability and operations, with a particular focus on strategic planning, financial planning and operations management. Some of his most recent work includes serving as the corporate development and strategic planning director of a leading security company; as the COO/CFO of a software start-up; as the finance lead in the restructuring and turnaround of a $17 MM building products retailer; and as the CFO of a $15 MM government contractor. He holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from Harvard University in Applied Mathematics and an MBA from the Harvard Business School along with a Master’s degree in Robotics from MIT.