core strategy

Strong words but true. The number one reason companies fall out of favor with their customers and employees is because they allow their culture only to benefit themselves. Today, it’s easy to spot a winning company from one losing by observing what customers and employees think of the company. 

The number of “quits” this year is at an all-time high. This so-called Great Resignation means that employers must start a Great Rethink, evaluating everything from their culture to how work gets done. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of Americans who quit their jobs in September 2021 rose to 3% — the highest ever rate recorded since the BLS began collecting data in 2000. That works out to 4.4 million people quitting their jobs, up 164,000. 

Why the high “quit rate?” Employee burnout happens when a company hasn’t planned or implemented anything differently from before the Pandemic. 

What will help companies stay healthy and build positive culture is not that simple. It starts with providing workers with multiple options central to the company’s core strategy and being flexible rather than demanding and being caring versus sticking to a rigid set of policies, decreasing when and where employees need to work, and yes, considering a four-day workweek. 

All of these strategies need to be considered by a company’s top corporate management before their employees think with their feet. Burnout isn’t going to go away; it’s here to stay, so finding ways for employees and customers to feel positive about their company is the most important thing a CEO has to do. Employees aren’t going to tolerate the dodging that has accompanied so many companies. 

It really is time to rethink and grow. For help, click here.