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Tom is the President and Founder of MarketCues, a management consulting firm that guides organizations through major transitions leading to increasing revenues, profits and market share. Tom is a consultant, coach and advisor to CEOs of Middle-Market organizations. He advises private, public and nonprofit clients with high-stakes strategies regarding significant reorganizations built around agility and transformation programs.

Rethink, Fly or Fall

  Your personal strategic elevation usually determines what you produce. The earth’s physical gravity naturally pulls us down just as our failure to develop our leadership ability can. What we think about drives what we typically produce. Trying to develop the best next thing often requires both a right and left brain effort that can [...]

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Rethink, Change or Close

  Rethinking strategy is the single most important priority for any leader. Malcolm Gladwell once said, “Transformation isn’t about improving, it’s about rethinking.” I couldn’t agree more. I wrote a book called “Rethink: An Inside Look at Smart Organizational Strategy” here. COVID-19 has been particularly unkind to businesses following patterns of operations and strategy that [...]

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Rethink, Pivot or Paralysis

  No one in business today has escaped the dramatic impact of COVID-19.  For most companies, the current atmosphere has changed how they conduct their business, and for those who provide goods and services to travel, entertainment, hospitality and many more have had to adapt and change direction. How you manage change will determine your [...]

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Rethinking Culture

  Culture is one of the mysteries that organizations struggle to define and improve.  If you have ever worked in a high-functioning organization, you know that its employees are happy, fulfilled and motivated to excel without being pushed by their manager. These organizations have improved customer service, have increased overall sales and revenue, and improved [...]

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Rethinking Data

  Quantitative data is essential to determine the performance of an organization.  It tells you where you have been and is an excellent predictor of where you might end up if you don't change your strategic direction. But you need to ensure that quantitative data doesn't become the sole basis of making strategic decisions. This [...]

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Rethinking Change

  CEOs typically drive their organizations to new heights and growth but, in the process can break integration by pitting one group against another.  When CEOs encourage their leadership teams to outsmart the competition, it can produce an unhealthy siloing within the organization. Of course, this is rarely the intention but rather an unintended consequence [...]

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Rethinking For A Change

  When the economy changes quickly, companies often react in very predictable ways. They make cuts in their operations to lower their expenses, raise their prices, or learn to live with less margin. Although these are in many leaders’ playbooks, we recommend rethinking your present circumstances through our “Growth Model” lens that allows you to [...]

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Adhere To Your Core Strategy Or Disappear

Strong words but true. The number one reason companies fall out of favor with their customers and employees is because they allow their culture only to benefit themselves. Today, it’s easy to spot a winning company from one losing by observing what customers and employees think of the company.  The number of “quits” this year [...]

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