What happened: Through a partnership with Swedish technology company “Anoto AG”, OKI Printing Solutions offers a Digital Pen and Paper solution that optimizes the process of managing handwritten forms and document notations, on plain paper. This solution provides businesses with increased cost savings and helps to preserve data accuracy and security in a convenient way. The MC860 MFP is the first multifunction product to achieve Anoto’s Qualified Printing Status and adds to a series of products already qualified for this unique application. Anoto’s stringent testing process has confirmed that the MC860 MFP is able to achieve precise printing of the unique Anoto dot pattern – critical to the digital pen’s functionality.

Why it matters: OKI Printing Solutions became the first manufacturer to achieve Anoto printing qualification and continues to hold the most Anoto qualified printers to be used for the worldwide market. From a branding perspective they were able to achieve this distinction, in part, because they brought a useful application and solution to their customers. This is the perfect brand strategy: find out what your customers really need and bring it to them in an easy-to-use solution.