…and paper companies are no strangers to organizing their marketing to be easy to view and specify. Finch Paper is no exception and a quick review of their new Uncoated Guide will prove it to you.

What is most striking about their uncoated sheet other than the sheet, is how well they captured what you can do with it using various types of graphics with advertising, public relations and website marketing. A very good integration of marketing communications.

As their promotion copy describes, “The Uncoated Guide is a must-have tool which helps the reader choose “the perfect wave”; i.e., the uncoated paper that best suits his or her needs. Paper choice is a critical decision: the paper has to not only perform on press, but also on budget – and Finch Paper delivers on both of these key requirements. 140 years of experience counts, and today Finch produces the widest range of value-driven uncoated papers on the market.”