RETHINKING: The Smart Measurement Needed to Change

Change is a word that is used so frequently in so many situations it seems important to clarify the type of change I am referring to when discussing the rethinking process.  The SmartPlan360™ Platform provides you with an objective roadmap to know which of the four types of change to pursue: Tweaks: Small incremental changes [...]

Rethink, It’s Not Just About Your Sales

  Achieving sustainable and scalable sales is the natural output of a successful broad analysis of factors.  A PEST Analysis is commonly used to assess extremely broad factors of Political, Economic, Socio-demographic (social), and Technological. These four factors apply significant pressure and influence on a business’s current and future prospects. Knowing what will provide an [...]

4 Things Great Brand Leaders Know How To Do

The Four P’s of Branding™ is a registered trademark of MarketCues, Inc. The world has shrunk and people are much more informed than ever before, including how well your brand is delivering on its promises. Today, a brand owner has to go far beyond making claims such as high-quality, excellent services, been in business for [...]

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Three Ways to Review Your Brand Like a Pro

No strategy or brand development practice improves quality, builds awareness or reveals the best a brand can offer like a brand review. It’s a critical process to determine your brand’s true market valuation in order to fix mistakes or find gaps that have been overlooked. It is a necessary, albeit a painstaking activity for some [...]

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Three Thoughts On Highly Successful Brands

Recently, authors and bloggers have been writing about the importance of establishing a ‘platform’ for individuals and organizations. Michael Hyatt, the former CEO of the enormous publishing company, Thomas Nelson Publishers, discusses this in his book, “Platform” that how you frame your message is as important as what you say. Regardless of how much you agree with [...]

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3 Tips to Building Your Brand Reputation

With so many major and micro brands to choose from it has become imperative to ensure your brand represents true value that is more than a slogan or a hollow promise of quality service. Designing brand value takes time to form, plant, nurture and secure locked-in loyalty among users who prefer your brand over all others so [...]

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4 Brand Drivers to Attract and Retain Customers

How many mission and vision statements look good on paper but have little to nothing to do with their customers’ experience? Too many, I’m sorry to say. This can lead to a very costly misperception. MarketCues’ research at client companies reveals that the more an organization’s stated purpose is in alignment with what it delivers, [...]

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Six Steps For Naming A Successful Brand

  Naming a brand may be one of the most complex things you ever do. What you decide can directly impact how well a market responds to a specific product or service and can greatly lead to either the success or failure of the brand! So it’s extremely important to understand what is behind creating [...]

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