Keep it forever. Keep it Kodak. Keep me. Protect me. Share me. I want to be fair but at the same time I want to focus on reality. The title “Keep me. Protect me. Share me.” along with the other tagline above were the words Kodak chose for its 2005 ad. What a shame they didn’t see past this excellent campaign into their next gigantic breakthrough. [...]

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Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Apple Inc. said on Wednesday afternoon that Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO and will become chairman of the company, the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal reports. Tim Cook, who has filled in for Jobs during his medical leave, will become CEO. Regardless of what you think about Apple, its products, or Steve Jobs, one thing [...]

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How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More.

Truly successful marketing communications campaigns begin with a highly creative and brilliant idea. That's why they attract so much attention. But many campaigns fail to build a really interested following among even its best customers. When you stop to consider that the average home page receives less than five seconds of attention it's easy to [...]

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How to refresh an old brand again

When Nestlé Dreyers evaluated one of its venerable brands, Häagen-Dazs it decided that it needed to make it more relevant for today’s younger consumer without damaging its high-quality, premium brand image. Appealing to a new generation is not always easy for an organization that has become used to marketing to a specific, profitable market niche. [...]

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What do plants and plastic have to do to get along?

What happened: Coca-Cola Company issued its news release this past month on its newest innovation, a bottle made from renewable, recyclable, plant-based plastic. Hmm. The new product innovation named, “PlantBottle™” is fully recyclable and has a lower reliance on a non-renewable resource. This product also reduces carbon emissions when compared to petroleum-based PET plastic bottles. [...]

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Connoisseur Ice Cream Takes First Place

What happened: Once a year Dieline Awards dishes out the top awards for packaging design and this year is no exception. This year’s First Place in the Food Category went to Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream. The new packaging was just redesigned in a full range of gourmet ice creams by the Australian Asprey Creative firm. [...]

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