Relevance in today’s uncertain business environment is the only true job security

Organizational relevance is the final step after an organization has been aligned, integrated on all levels, and its awareness is well-known in-house and in the marketplace. When these three drivers are functioning at a high level, then it’s time to address and build an organization’s relevance in its marketplace. Relevance is produced when an organization [...]

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Three Thoughts On Highly Successful Brands

Recently, authors and bloggers have been writing about the importance of establishing a ‘platform’ for individuals and organizations. Michael Hyatt, the former CEO of the enormous publishing company, Thomas Nelson Publishers, discusses this in his book, “Platform” that how you frame your message is as important as what you say. Regardless of how much you agree with [...]

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Four Reasons Why Customer Loyalty Is Shortening

Building high value customer relationships is the primary basis of any healthy organization. During the past five years I have had the opportunity to discuss with many senior leaders what they do to build customer loyalty and many said that it was the hardest thing going on in their company. As an executive consultant I’m [...]

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