Tapping the Social Media Opportunity

Finding your way to a solid and successful marketing strategy is becoming increasingly more difficult simply because there are so many more ways to market your business than ever before. It’s analogous to the advertising industry in the early days of television when the Big Three television networks provided 99% of all over-the-air broadcast. But [...]

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Is Social Media Just for Marketing People?

  All too often companies want to limit their social media activities to the marketing group. That’s okay if we’re talking about the implementation of the program such as media posts, responses, and related. But that’s not the way the best marketing is produced. In studies commandeered by the largest corporations it has become evident [...]

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They told us it was boring

We were all taught that old-fashioned typefaces were “boring.” These experts have offered this advice as clients, designers, and even instructors. Well, it turns out they were wrong. Even with a number of rather sophisticated brands all ignoring the foregoing advice the evidence is in, each brand has to stand on its own merit. That’s [...]

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Are good looks and great copy enough for your strategic branding?

Repeating important messages used to produce the results a brand marketer was looking for. Today, it’s not nearly as important how many times you repeat a message compared to how well you establish a trusting bond between your brand and your customer. Take Amazon for example. Do customers return there because Amazon markets to them [...]

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