Brand Trust Leads to Conversion

SEO Management, social media, online marketing, integrated marketing communications are ALL useful and profound media tools that can drive new business to your business. Of course, it starts with a rock solid brand strategy based on a unique selling differentiation. The key to all of the tactics begins, continues and ends with one essential ingredient: [...]


You’re using Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin: Now What?

45% of small businesses have a presence on social media, a recent survey found The survey to 2,000 U.S. small businesses was conducted by Internet2Go and MerchantCircle September 8-18, 2009, found profiles of these businesses on Facebook and Twitter. This lines up with many other channel tracking and ranking reports. Interestingly, respondents complained of [...]


So many channels, so little time.

There is a rapidly growing number of social media channels to choose from. I would like to suggest seven as foundational considerations for your business. Blog: for those with an interest in the subject to begin with Micro-Blog: Shorter information blasts Social Networks: Many different type of social platforms that are niche-oriented per user/type Video [...]


What’s Your Tipping Point??

If you have already found yours then you probably don't need to read this blog. But if you are more like most you are searching for the correct something, or the just right mix of something, or one aspect that is going to make the difference against all odds put you over your marketing edge. [...]


5 Habits of Successful Marketers

Let's say that you are the head of marketing for a company and you are on the lookout for new ways to grow your company's top-line. The question that I hear often from managers, directors and vp's is "How can I find new ways to really increase our business?" Over the years I have observed [...]


Brand Power. It changes everything.

So how do you get it? Is it a rite of passage for companies who pass their 10-year or 20-year anniversary mark? Frankly, no. Brand power is not something you can buy off a shelf or accumulate with careful shopping. Rather, it's earned through conscientious hard work by companies who understand their vision and mission [...]


First they look. Then they read?

Research over the last 30 years shows a dramatic shift in how customers evaluate products. This is true for both business and consumer products. Of course, the psychology and process of what causes a sale is ultimately dependent on a complete evaluation of the product's value proposition, but it all starts with how it looks. [...]


Say. Do. Build.

Overview Let's talk about growth. 4over, Inc. began its journey in 2001 and are now 290 employees strong. Their secret is really not so secret. Here's what their ceo, Zarik Megerdichian says, "We realize our customers have very tight deadlines. That is why we are here to ensure their print jobs are delivered on time [...]


How social is your media?

Everyone has become interested in social media because they have heard that it can ultimately bring them qualified leads and increased business. But there is a tremendous amount of information to absorb to begin to be effective in this communications. Often times the key to understanding social media is best described by what it is [...]

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