As anyone engaged in the packaging design business knows, color consistency is a key objective across the brand platform. In fact, the best impression-making brands use the highest quality color techniques to ensure bright, impacting and unique visuals. GMG Americas has teamed up with the new Roland LEC 330 printer with their FlexoProof proofing software. This prototyping system delivers exacting color accuracy while supporting 1 bit halftone proofing.

The result? With 1 bit proofing, actual flex, gravure or offset plate data can be imaged on the prototype with its actual halftone screening applied. Let’s just say dot quality is spot on with print resolutions up to 1440 x 1440 DPI. Plus varnish and white inks and support for halftone and stochastic screening of white as well, in shiny or matte depending on what the designer specifies. For information visit and get ready to be impressed.