There is a noticeable trend in the marketplace today toward one of two polar extremes between the very high and low end with everything in the middle at risk. Take bottled water Pure32 and their incredible brand strategy of sleek design and quality product presentation. Then take a look at Walmart’s Genuine Steak House packaging. Very polished and priced to sell. The highs and the lows have it.

Pure32. This premium collection of mouth freshening products was crafted for the upscale consumer. An air of exclusivity inspired the distinctive name and clean aesthetic. Uniquely stark structures add to the display-worthy beauty of each package.

Walmart Genuine Steak House. This new private label design system for Walmart’s fresh beef category pairs mouth-watering, custom photography with rich textures, authentic typography and a prestigious logo. The combination emphasizes the brand’s down-to-earth quality and premium freshness. So what happened to the middle brands? Frankly, they’re disappearing. Consumers of products and services are generally interested in high quality or high value and the middle just doesn’t do a very good job of delivering either of those. (Design work by