Congrats to Melanie
Oudin, the tennis sensation that broke onto the professional tennis scene at
this year’s US Open and for beating Maria Sharapova. Aside from a terrific
player she seized the moment by choosing the word “Believe” as her personal
signature, at her boyfriend’s suggestion as reported in major sports media. An
interesting tidbit but not the main point.

What is most important
is this new signature raised her above many other tennis players who have been
on the circuit for many years. Quickly, a tennis shoe product endorsement came
from Adidas offering the company the opportunity to tap into a new, bright,
youthful face to promote and raise their image in the market.

The seizing of
opportunity continued with the company promoting offering fans the
opportunity to personalize their own custom version of Oudin’s trainer.

From no one to someone
with one game and one brand signature. Never underestimate the power of
preparation, and likewise, the power of the pen.