There are many reasons to hire a coach. Here are two. According to FastCompany who has interviewed thousands of teams, less than 10% rate themselves as high-performing. And according to Kastle Systems, only 36% of the U.S. workforce in 10 major cities was back in their offices during October 2021, a new pandemic high. Of course, everyone wants to be effective in their jobs, but not everyone knows how. We have several coaching programs that are designed to meet your specific needs.



Our executive coaching programs are designed to help leaders make better decisions to produce better results.

  • A Coach takes the approach of improving the leader of the business. A Coach does it with the leader.
  • A Consultant takes the approach of providing specific solutions for the business. A Consultant does it for the leader.
  • A Facilitator helps drive conversations and meetings to ensure the leader and team members are guided by objectivity and facts to evaluate ideas, plans and programs.

Often, the lines between these three become blurred. We offer three types of programs that allow you to select the one that best meets your needs.

The Rapid-Response Program

Enjoy the benefits of having Tom Marin in your corner. Tom has helped hundreds of executives like you build thriving and profitable organizations.

Need feedback on a strategy? Unsure of where to turn for your next big idea? Whatever your question, Tom’s heard it, lived it, and developed an answer already proven to work.

The Rapid-Response Program grants you unlimited access to Tom by phone and email. Your phone calls and emails are answered within minutes or hours. 

Get your business on the fast track today.

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The Focused Coaching Program

Partner with Tom Marin in the Focused Coaching Program to create a winning strategy, increase your market share and improve your efficiency with less stress.

Tom arms you with best practices and tactics proven to grow your business. Together, you’ll analyze the hidden constraints holding you back and build a focused, tightly-constructed action plan designed to accelerate your results.

Your Focused Coaching Program includes a detailed analysis of your business, high-impact progress “sprints,” twice-monthly coaching calls, plus unlimited, Rapid-Response Advice.

If a partnership of accountability, guidance, and feedback sounds powerful, you’re right. Join The Focused Coaching Program.

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The CEO Program

Many consulting firms can solve client problems. What sets us apart is we begin with our super-smart software platform, SmartPlan360™ for CEOs who want solutions for their challenges in minutes, not months.

We deliver smart strategies that are practical and can immediately be put into action using our Rethink Workshop Series that aligns your strategy and leadership team.

Our CEO Program will deliver immediate, high-impact, revenue-building results, a highly profitable organization, and a sophisticated strategic plan to increase your market share.

We will work with you and your leadership team to drive new high-potential market opportunities. Your focus will become our focus as we partner to build your organization.




We are client obsessed and celebrate how unique our staff is, as well as the staffs of our clients.


Discover Solutions Quickly

We strive to bring you the solutions you need when you need them. We are collaborative, solution-focused, and results-oriented to help you quickly succeed.


Driving Growth with Confidence

Your coach will structure a specialized growth plan based on your specific needs. You will benefit from your coach’s substantial experience in many vertical markets, including business-to-business, insurance agencies, nonprofits, higher education and government.

“We were provided with a fresh look at our company that helped us plan more effectively for our future. I would recommend their planning process to any company interested in continuous improvement and growth.”

Amsat International

“MarketCues was able to immediately analyze our business both organizationally and strategically, and provide a clear strategy that enabled us to grow over 40% in the first year, 206% in six years with a 185% net profit increase. During this continuing engagement we averaged an annual 34% sales growth.”

Wurzel Insurance Agency

“The SmartPlan360™ gave us critical business information from research gathered from our closest strategic partners and clients. Their approach quickly brought together many divergent viewpoints into one potent strategic initiative that could be effectively implemented.”

National Entrepreneur Center

“It was essential to our strategic planning that we understand our true position in the market and what we could do to improve our market awareness. The SmartPlan360™ Platform provided us with real-world data we needed to make critical strategic decisions.”

Polk State College