Research over the last 30 years shows a dramatic shift in how customers evaluate products. This is true for both business and consumer products. Of course, the psychology and process of what causes a sale is ultimately dependent on a complete evaluation of the product’s value proposition, but it all starts with how it looks.

Gilbreth in Pennsylvania understands this selling-buying process well and is offering Shrink Sleeves to help their customers manage their brand identity. Their printed products are also adding to sustainability and cost-savings using heat shrinkable sleeve labels to make a dynamic brand presentation. Gilbreth produces labels using rotogravure printing in up to 10 colors, or flexo printing in up to 7 colors.

Consider how you review a product. A quick review of products in grocery stores, computer stores, and relevant businesses where products are presented begins with your visual scan and you naturally go to the most colorful and exciting packaging.

This is why brand identity is so essential to any organization’s continuing success. Product marketing managers know how to package their company’s products. Printers and packagers need to learn the same set of tools.