During a return flight on a favorite airline of mine, Southwest Airlines, I had to stop watching a baseball game that I was fairly dialed into to board my plane. While on the flight I mentioned the game to a flight attendant and something really amazing happened.

The flight attendant finished serving us and then went forward to continue the assigned duties. After five minutes the flight attendant returned and told me the current score to the game I had mentioned minutes before. Then the captain came on the overhead and let my fellow passengers know the score and some possible outcomes of the game!

Needless to say I was totally impressed and appreciative. This confirmed my continuing belief that top brands such as this airline got there because they go the extra mile.

Notice it didn’t cost the airline anything to provide this service. Just a sincere desire to make their brand the top in their marketplace. Amazing what a leader will do to become one and stay one, isn’t it.

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