What happened: A new company has come out with a new product called, Flipboard that looks like it may have a promising future. Flipboard works flawlessly with Apple’s new iPad and social media by providing a seamless integration of graphics, text and messaging. It turns your Facebook and Twitter account into something that looks like a magazine. Based on the simple premise that blending and sorting media feeds becomes more difficult as your list grows, Flipboard quickly converts the content into a very slick digital magazine and eliminates the irrelevant social media content as well. It all comes from a downloadable app that, during its recent introduction, crashed Flipboard’s servers due to high download demand.

Why it matters: Social media for both consumers and businesses is growing each day. There are currently 500 million Facebook users and more and more businesses are finding useful ways to communicate with their key prospects and customers. Flipboard makes this easier than ever. The true value that Flipboard brings is it filters out all of the usual social media chatter and noise that is so common with this media. Just as flipping television channels became prevalent apps like Flipboard will creatively find ways to deliver only the most relevant and useful information to users. This is a big deal for those who are publishing their content on media platforms. As time goes by differentiation and relevance are going to become incredibly important and apps like Flipboard are going to assist in the evaluation.