What happened: OKI Printing Solutions has rebranded its General Business section of its Web site. The manufacturer, that has been offering print technology products for years, now offers a wide variety of solutions that are designed to increase its customers’ productivity and reduce their costs. The redesigned section of the Web site – click here – offers how-to-advice for streamlining business processes and various uses for on-demand printing.

Why it matters: In today’s B2B markets, including the professional print media and communications markets, there has been a strong need to provide information to end-users from their perspective and in their language. So often marketers use their tech-speak and ways of presenting technical information that confuse rather than convince. OKI’s new Web site is well organized with user-friendly sections of Overview, Featured Solutions, Featured Solutions, etc. and is designed with a professional look and feel. Further links to relevant articles and social media channels are provided for those who would like to dig deeper into the company’s offerings. All makes for a great re-branding project and an easy-to-purchase eCommerce Web site.