We all work every single day to grow our customer base and overall market image.

We use all forms of media to keep our business going (if you’re not now you may soon be) including print ads, direct mailings, eBlasts, media sponsorships, conferences, trade shows, PR, website marketing and social media is growing fast. Our goal is to stop people, get them to look-read-connect and hopefully keep us in mind when they are ready to buy.

Our other goal is to create satisfied customers who will tell their friends and associates about how great we are so they too will become customers. And on and on our dream plan goes.

(Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album)

When we do our job successfully we begin to realize both of our two goals. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Big brands take time to build big numbers of customers. Take the Beatles for instance. They just remastered their complete library of albums. If they had tried that 20 years ago would they have sold albums? Sure, but not like this week’s success. ALL 12 albums in mono, stereo, individual CD’s or box sets.

Guess which of these is the top seller? If you thought box sets go to the head of the class.

Why box sets and not the individual CD’s? The answer is simple. The Beatle brand is no longer about money. It’s about the Magical Mystery Tour, man.