When was the last time you re-wrote your entire marketing plan? If you are like a lot of companies, truth be told, you edited or updated your current plan. While the practice of revisiting and  updating your plan is a sound one, the current economic conditions are placing great stress on marketers to sharpen and reshape their marketing plans altogether. If sales are sluggish or down, it’s time to revisit what you have been doing and why.

Using a simple application like Mind Map from Nova Mind can make developing a new marketing plan more relevant, powerful and yes, enjoyable! This program allows you and your team to identify top goals, strategies and tactics from a visual view.

Using a visual approach to strategic planning is an excellent way to quickly gather your thoughts and allow others to consider them. Over the years I have watched marketing managers get bogged down in the minutia or worse, become frustrated by the entire process. This may explain why marketing plan templates are popular. But using a template that is designed for a broad market is counter-intuitive to creating a unique marketing position isn’t it? That’s why marketing mapping can radically improve the entire process, particularly if you are a visual thinker and learner. Give it a try. It will make your development process a lot more enjoyable.