What happened: News and Technology recently reported that “Vendors, papers gear up for iPad.” “WoodWing Software, NewspaperDirect and Atex last week said they’re already at work developing software that will enable newspapers to port their content to Apple Inc.’s iPad e-reader. WoodWing said it’s already developed an iPad Reader platform that’s capable of displaying content that ranges from text to video, according to Erik Schut, president of the firm. NewspaperDirect is also developing an iPad-compatible version of its PressDisplay.com software. Igor Smirnoff, NewspaperDirect’s director of strategic development told News & Tech and has the software written for them and the feed established … 1,500 newspapers on PressDisplay.com as well as hundreds of individual e-paper and e-magazine products.”

Why it matters: Often times opportunities are developed outside of a company’s internal resources. In this case, as it relates to printers and imaging companies, there is a definite path toward new business that could be developed using its internal resources. Why not develop an eReader that is compatible with iPad and offer to create an APP for publishing customers? On the one hand, this service opportunity would build up bench time for your company and, on the other hand, gain a new entrance to build a firmer customer relationship. But with all ideas, it’s the execution that counts.