Your personal strategic elevation usually determines what you produce. The earth’s physical gravity naturally pulls us down just as our failure to develop our leadership ability can.

What we think about drives what we typically produce. Trying to develop the best next thing often requires both a right and left brain effort that can be exhausting for some and simple for others. Like riding a bike, it can be just that easy.

The theory is that people who are left-brain thinkers are analytical by nature. It’s their natural strength and leaning to analyze something or someone until they are satisfied with their conclusions. On the other hand, right-brain thinkers tend to be more creative and artistic. As a result, you find people in the creative arts, such as photographers, painters, and writers who think creatively from their visual perspectives. 

A reasonable and logical question to ask is, what are the characteristics of right and left brain thinkers I can emulate? Here’s a quick guide to understanding how you can spend your waking hours more wisely.

Be aware of how others perceive you. 

For a superstar, this is often a difficult task because they are used to leading the band. They possess a strong sense of self-confidence that continuously reassures themselves they are on the right track. However, if this tendency goes to an extreme where they never doubt themselves or their abilities, they can take a fall from being overly confident.

Control your emotions. 

Leaders sometimes feel empowered by their position and grant themselves self-expression that they would never grant others. This is duplicitous and immediately erodes a leader’s public image among employees and people in general. To be thought of as trustworthy, a leader needs to be able to manage his or her emotions, regardless of the situation. 

Drive for a higher cause. 

If the sole reason you wake up each day is to make money, it’s unlikely you are a very happy person. Money can bring many good things, but happiness isn’t necessarily one of them. In fact, high-net-worth individuals are often the least happy and most prone to self-destructive habits. Owning a cause and working toward it each day can and should be reward enough to inspire you and others.

Make friends quickly. 

For those who tend toward introversion, this last key can be tough to introduce, but it goes back to the earlier bike analogy. The more you do it, the easier and more comfortable it becomes. We are social people by nature, so we all need to be a part of something with others that is bigger than ourselves. 

One thing is for sure. The strategic elevation you maintain throughout your day directly impacts what you will achieve tomorrow, so fly high!