ReThink. An Inside Look At Smart Organizational Strategy by Tom Marin

“After hundreds of consulting engagements with CEOs and Senior Executives it became clear to me that the value of a strategic vision is most often described through the programs or services their organization provides,” writes Tom Marin introducing his book. As a result, many do not achieve their objectives because they have pushed them into tactical directions and are too narrowly focused on short-term results. By rethinking their clients’ needs and aligning them to their organization, substantial increases in organizational health and growth can be achieved. The RETHINK book, specifically addresses the four primary drivers to organizational strategy and growth and provides a practical roadmap for developing them.

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Core Concept

The RETHINK book presents the four drivers to organizational growth: Alignment, Integration, Awareness and Relevance. By bringing them together into one cohesive combination an organization can unlock its abilities to work smarter and produce more.

The Model

MarketCues Four Drivers Model™

The Model Growth Chart

Driver #1: Alignment
If an organization is out of alignment throughout all of its levels, there is no way it can be healthy or grow successfully.

Driver #2: Integration
Without integration an organization will naturally break itself apart into silos that impede health and growth.

Driver #3: Awareness
The lack of knowledge of what an organization’s customers truly need and want prevents team members from making market-wise decisions.

Driver #4: Relevance
If what an organization says it provides greatly differs to what it provides, then building trust and relevance with customers will become nearly impossible.
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This RETHINK E-Booklet is designed to help the reader understand what the essentials are for every high performing organization. Leaders ask the toughest questions: “How can I solve my organization’s top challenges?” “How do I know if I’m on the right track?” “How do successful CEOs deal with change?

This little E-BOOKLET provides guidance on Rethinking Change, Transformation, Customer Needs and Organizational Structure.



Checklist for Building High-Growth Teams

Building high-growth teams today requires a deep understanding of any gaps that exist within the organization. It also requires the skills to understand how to close them. Teams that have learned these skills exhibit the following:

  • Understands how to assess their organization’s true strengths and weaknesses
  • Knows what their customers truly need and want, and has designed its products and services to meet them
  • Makes thorough use of its competitive data to help produce truly innovative products
  • Conducts regular customer input sessions to remain relevant with them
  • Leads the organization with indicator metrics to better track and manage its operations and support services
  • Analyzes what new products need to be developed for their market, and identifies products to discontinue
  • Communicates clear roles and responsibilities for each team leader and member throughout the organization
  • Integrates sales, marketing, product development and customer services