MarketCues’ consultants have deep experience coaching executives of leading organizations. Our consulting and coaching programs are designed to help leaders and their team members deliver results. Clients report health and growth gains of 10% to 40% during their first year. The consulting we provide is exclusive and confidential. You will receive unbiased and unvarnished advice from a consultant who has both experienced and overcome similar situations.



Our leadership coaching is designed to help leaders make better decisions that produce better results.

Our specialized coaching will assist you in building a cohesive leadership approach by creating improved clarity and accountability. Once you have achieved real clarity, the next step will be to communicate this clarity throughout your organization and in the marketplace to create a healthy and growing organization. MarketCues clients grow significantly faster than average US organizations because they gain access to an instant sounding board with a professional coach with decades of experience.


Great leaders focus on vision, mission and values. Leaders create culture. Culture does not create leaders.


Discover Solutions Quickly

Teamwork should be a collaborative, solution-focused, results-oriented process that allows a team to quickly make high-quality decisions.


Driving Growth with Confidence

The SmartPlan360™ Foundations drive growth for all types of businesses and organizations in a wide range of vertical markets, including business-to-business, insurance agencies, nonprofits, higher education, government and faith-based organizations.

“We were provided with a fresh look at our company that helped us plan more effectively for our future. I would recommend their planning process to any company interested in continuous improvement and growth.”

Amsat International

“MarketCues was able to immediately analyze our business both organizationally and strategically, and provide a clear strategy that enabled us to grow over 40% in the first year, 206% in six years with a 185% net profit increase. During this continuing engagement we averaged an annual 34% sales growth.”

Wurzel Insurance Agency

“The SmartPlan360™ gave us critical business information from research gathered from our closest strategic partners and clients. Their approach quickly brought together many divergent viewpoints into one potent strategic initiative that could be effectively implemented.”

National Entrepreneur Center

“It was essential to our strategic planning that we understand our true position in the market and what we could do to improve our market awareness. The SmartPlan360™ Platform provided us with real-world data we needed to make critical strategic decisions.”

Polk State College