Rethink, It’s Not Just About Your Sales

  Achieving sustainable and scalable sales is the natural output of a successful broad analysis of factors.  A PEST Analysis is commonly used to assess extremely broad factors of Political, Economic, Socio-demographic (social), and Technological. These four factors apply significant pressure and influence on a business’s current and future prospects. Knowing what will provide an [...]

Six Ways to Prevent Brand Diffusion

When was the last time you analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of your Brand? Your brand marketing and overall brand equity is something you have built up over many years. Here are six areas that can uncover hidden risks and relevant opportunities to re-charge your Brand in its respective marketplace. Have you ever noticed that [...]

Edgy Marketing

Used as an adjective, the word edgy can have real punch when it comes to many things. Particularly marketing. Using a sharp-edge, sharply defined marketing strategy to make a striking point can produce solid results. Going to that edginess is what is required sometimes to make your point because as the market goes down the [...]

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